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    In VOTM (Video of the Month), you share us a video made by you and we will select it to showcase it across our network and also reward you for it. If selected you will get the following reward: 5-100$ depending on the complexity of your video. 65% of all Revenue generated across our network on your Video. ViP Rank & more perks. Your name will be focused on all site we upload your video. There are various rules to make your video eligible for Video of the Month: Must be your video and not copied from the internet or anything like that. Must be related to Technology & Gaming. Some favorable topics: animations related to games, cool gameplay videos, tutorials, walkthrough, showcasing, reviews of games etc. Recommended games: Minecraft, CSGO, COD4, PUBG, Fortnite. Must be 1 min to 15min in length. Must be in 720p at least. 1080p or higher is recommended. Should not have been uploaded on Youtube before. Must not include any copyright sounds or music without permission of the sound creator. (Use of non-copyright sounds are recommended) Must follow all Youtube Copyright Law. If your video matches all the criteria above then you can open a topic in this section with any title including "VOTM". Make sure you upload your video to any temporary video sharing site like https://streamable.com/ You can upload lower resolution here if you have a slow internet connection. We are looking forward for your awsome Videos!