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★★★ Generations Network ★★★ Is looking for Active Staff Members ★★★

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What is Generations Network

Generations Network is a newly created community with a lot of great things coming. We are looking to expand and meet new people. We are working hard to make our servers custom and unique in every way. Unlike some other communities this one was created with not just 1 person but with a team of people with great ideas and hard work.

What does Generations Network need

Generations Network has been in development for almost a year now. However, with short amounts of people working on the project our progress is not up to our goal. With this said, we need dedicated and easy-going people to bring the server to life and inspire others to join alongside us in Generations Network. We look for help and a better foundation to build Generations Network off of to push the great ideas to the public. We can do this with you.

How do I apply to Generations Network

Here are our requirements from EVERY person that applies:

  • Must be at least 13+ years of age.
  • Has a creative mind.
  • Mature and self determined.
  • Must have discord and knows how to use it.
  • Respect is an absolute must.
  • Must be active.
  • Understands that work is free atm until network starts getting donations.

We have the following positions available at the moment (with included requirements)

  • Server Developer
    • Must be able to set up and configure a server.
    • Must have experience with OGP (Open Game Panel)
    • Must be able to work with other people.
    • Must be able to follow directions from team leaders.
  • Social Media Manager
    • Must be able to keep our social media up to date.
    • Able to completely set up pages.
    • Able to update pages in a timely fashion.
    • Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
    • Required Traits
  • Builders
    • Must have a deep understanding of World Edit.
    • Must be able to work with other builders to complete tasks needed.
    • Must be able to complete tasks in a timely fashion.
    • Must have knowledge of a variety of different build styles, patterns, terra-forming, ect.
    • Required Traits
  • Web Developer (front end)
    • Knowledge of creating mobile optimized sites is helpful but not required.
    • Knowledge of HTML/HTML5, CSS, Php and Javascript
    • Experienced with API's like JQuery, Bootstrap, ect.
    • Experience with XenForo 2.
    • Able to create clean/modern web pages from start to finish.
    • Must be able to provide and prove knowledge by showing us websites you have created inside and out.
    • Required Traits
  • Web Developer (all around)
    • Must meet all requirements from Web Developer (front end)
    • Knowledge of SQL and Php.
    • Must be able to complete tasks in a timely fashion.
    • Required Traits
  • Java Plugin Developer
    • Knowledge of Spigot and Bukkit API.
    • Able to adapt to newly released API's.
    • Knowledge of the JAVA programming language and be able to make plugins secure and safe.
    • Ability to work with other programmers on projects and complete in a timely fashion.
    • Must have a creative mind and able to bring ideas to our community.
    • Required traits
  • Graphic Designers
    • Experience in Photoshop or some other program like it.
    • Able to create our ideas and looks that we want.
    • Able to create artwork based off servers.
    • Must be creative.
    • Required Traits

If you can meet these requirements then we are looking forward to meeting you. If you can not meet these requirements then please do not apply and waste our team's time.

Contact Information:

Thank you



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