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cod4 [ Update 1]

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Because of recent spamming events on the masterserver we had to implement some sophisticated way to stop people from spamming their servers when they have available a large number of different IP-addresses.

Gameservers need to prove now on registration at masterserver to have set a valid token in cvar sv_authtoken. If they can not prove to have this token they get rejected on masterserver. This requires a new version (17.6) of CoD4 X server you can download from the front-page. However the new version of CoD4 X server could still be less stable than the prior version as the core design is really new.

Do I need a token? Well if your server is still listed on you don't need a token and don't need new serverversion yet unless you change your IP address.


Where do I get this token? You get it on: and click the link "Get a Token". Here you need an unlimited and clean Steam account.



What can I do with that token? Well you can either put into your server's commandline:

+set sv_authtoken "mytokenhere"

Or you edit your server.cfg file and add:

set sv_authtoken "mytokenhere"

Of course you need the new server-version to use tokens.


Can I use this token on multiple servers?

Yes this token is supposed to be used on all gameservers you own. Creating a new token will disable your old onw.


The requirement to obtain a token can be changed if we have to believe this is not sufficient anymore and our service gets still frequently abused.


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