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31 minutes ago, Salman S. said:

Yes, we do support custom games, Please let us know if you want to buy a seprate server for it or want run it on your present server?

 i would like to run it in my Current Dedicated server.

50 minutes ago, Kinnngg said:

Can you tell me the name of this Mod so I can find how to install it?

well , the mod is Totally new , in the above sent Link ... you will download a setup.exe
download it and you easily can run "Swat4XDedicatedServer.exe" ... don't forget to change the ports ... because the used ports in this mod aren't the default of TSS
... and please note ... you cant host a game from the game inside , because you will recieve a "CD Error" ... so you need to use the .EXE file (I assume) ..

Thnx for Reply both of you  ... Hope you can do it as soon as possible

Regards 😉

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