Before applying for a role with our Staff team, please review the basic information for what is expected of each role and the necessary criteria you must meet in order to apply.
    If you submit an application without meeting the necessary requirements, your application will be rejected and you may be barred from future application submissions.
    Answer all questions truthfully and to the best of your ability.
    If we find any of your application to be inaccurate or misleading, your application will be rejected and your account could face penalties.

    FPG Staff Application Prerequisites

Tournament Manager

Dear Candidate,

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Tournament Manager! 

Before you make your application, we would like to give you some insight on how the application process works and what we are looking for in our candidates.


What are we looking for in the application?

We are looking for a real benefit that you can contribute to the Community over time.

How to apply properly

It would help us and you out a lot if you would read former applications, rejected and accepted, in order to see what works and what doesn't.


If your application is your first post in this forum, your chances of being accepted are close to none. There are always exceptions of course, but this occurs rarely.

Last but not least, we would like you to know that this Community is not about power and ranks. Therefore, this is not the right place for power-hungry or greedy people.


Requirements :

Be always active and online prior to the clan war.

Have huge knowledge as an admin to be able to make a difference between a cheater and a good player

Be devoted and Open-minded.

Have a good/clean background.



Power Points for Servers

You'll have to familiarize yourself first with our ways of conduct and server commands. Therefore, it could take up to 1 week after acceptation that you'll receive your powerpoints.



Keep in mind though that Administrators and people authorized to manage apps can accept/reject applications without giving the reason.


Best regards,


The FPG-Team

  • Are you admin in any other server? Specify if any

  • Are you a member of any clan/guild? Specify if any

  • Eg: Username#0001