Before applying for a role with our Staff team, please review the basic information for what is expected of each role and the necessary criteria you must meet in order to apply.
    If you submit an application without meeting the necessary requirements, your application will be rejected and you may be barred from future application submissions.
    Answer all questions truthfully and to the best of your ability.
    If we find any of your application to be inaccurate or misleading, your application will be rejected and your account could face penalties.

    FPG Staff Application Prerequisites

Apply for FPG COD4 Admin


If you an interested in becoming an admin in our COD4 servers then fill up the following details we will be glad to have you on board on our Admin Team!

Note: You must be 14+ to apply for any post. Faking DOB will result in a permanent ban on all our servers and community.


Here you can apply to be admin at COD4 servers of FPG.

  • Are you admin in any other server? Specify if any

  • Are you a member of any clan/guild? Specify if any

  • Eg: Username#0001